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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] qepHom 2015 with Marc Okrand

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

It's common for English and French speakers to mispronounce I as Iy also, in any position. It's not hard for us to say, just hard to remember for some. You hear a lot of veeSov and jeeyaj, or jeeyazh from the French speakers, because they don't have the harder dj sound.

Fortunately, it's rare for there to be a minimal pair with the Iy sound, so it's usually quite understandable. Not like the poor people who have a gh H Q q convergence.

- Qov

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Am 27.03.2015 um 18:42 schrieb Robyn Stewart:
> At one point he pronounced something oddly, I think it was pronouncing the letter 'It as 'Iy, and I looked up and glared at him.

I remember the situation very well, and I'll explain it here especially for lurking beginners: Many germans have difficulties to pronounce {I} as it should be, most would say {SuvwI'} as {SuvwIy}, or "shoof-wee". 
It's hard to explain {I}. Even when you know it's the same sound as in "fit" or "tip", it's hard to do at the end of a word.

Only few months ago, I discovered a much better way to explain in German, because the Klingon {I} is a lot closer to the [e] than [i] sound, as in french "thé" or German "See" or "Kaffee".

I thinks there is no english equivalent, so many english speakers would like to object here. But I have checked back with several linguists, including Okrand.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh

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