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Re: nom·i·nal·ize 2. to convert (an underlying clause) into a noun phrase

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

qe'San (Jon Brown) wrote:
> I was just looking up nominalise on and got 
> nomilnalize nom·i·nal·ize [nom-uh-nl-ahyz] –verb (used with object),
> -ized, -iz·ing.
> 1.    to convert (another part of speech) into a noun, as in changing
> the adjective lowly into the lowly or the verb legalize into
> legalization.
> 2.    to convert (an underlying clause) into a noun phrase, as in
> changing he drinks to his drinking in I am worried about his
> drinking.
> The question I have is does that apply to use of -ghach in Klingon?

The other way to nominalize verbs in Klingon is with the suffix {-wI'}.

tlhutlh       drink (v)
tlhutlhwI'    drinker (n)
tlhutlhpu'wI' someone who has drunk (n)

There have been some doubts as to whether you can add other suffixes 
between the verb and {-wI'}. There is nothing explicitly ruling it out.

tlhIngan Hol MUSH

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