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"Authentic" Klingon materials

Christopher Doty (

There is lots of awesome stuff that has been translated into Klingon
("A Christmas Carol" being the most recent example), and this is cool.
 I probably wouldn't have ever sat down to read through Gilgamesh, but
now I can do it while playing around with Klingon, too.

I'm wondering, though, if anyone has tried their hand at producing
more "authentic," original compositions in Klingon that aren't
translations of extant (human) literature?  I'm specifically thinking
of opera and poetry, which we know are considered an art form by the
Klingons.  Has anyone ever, say, made up a meter for Klingon and tried
to write poetry in that meter about uber-Klingon themes?

Relatedly, I'm kind of obsessed with religious texts, and it seems
like it would be fun to write bits and pieces of the <paqbatlh>, based
on the canon stories that we know, but also maybe adding non-canon
stories.  This seems like it could be a fun collaborative project:
religious texts are often the result of different writers from
different time periods, so this could be a fun thing to do in a
wiki-style format.  Thoughts?

Also, question about <paqbatlh>: Memory Alpha gives it as meaning "the
honor of the book," but wouldn't a more accurate English translation
be "the honorable book"?


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