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frasier Klingon

rklingonwarrior ( [KLI Member]

I am sure this has come up before, so if it has, please help me narrow down the search on the site:

A friend of mine pointed out a clip from an episode of Frasier where Frasier inadvertently blesses his son at his Barmitzfah in Klingon mistaking it for Yiddish; then my friend asked if I could translate it.  I can't quite make out what he is saying (it's very poorly pronounced and interrupted) and all my book are still locked away from me until I get back from Iraq.

I came up with what I think he is trying to say and a VERY rough translation.  I am sure I got some things and most wrong.  If anyone could help, I would appreciate it.

puqlod wI'le' qo'o. Hagh jaj. cho' Ho'ov mo'aQ. lenglIj lo'o teb. jaj lengwIj. vaD veragh. Sov'e' Da nob'e'. po'Ho bo'agh.
Son, see the world. Laugh daily. Succeed ... See Morewith admirable motives. Travel fulfills a use. Travel daily. Be a flexible rivet. Knowledge is a gift, behave like it is. Be an expert. 

My friend phoenetically copied it as;
Pookh lod wih le koo. Hach jahj cho-koov-moakh leng-lidge loo-Teb-jahj leng widge-vahd bel rahp shoave dah-nobe-poo- boagh.

-Sogh veS joH, mangghom

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