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Re: Question about Klingon books (e.g., Gilgamesh et al.)

Christopher Doty (

> A couple times people have commented "Why did you do it like this ...", and
> I replied "What are you talking about?  I wouldn't do that."  Then I look it
> up in the book and there it is.  "Holy crap, why did I do that?"
> I think one of them that was pointed out was a question-as-object.  Not only
> did I for whatever reason use it, but it made it past the proofreaders.
> Hey, nobody's perfect.
> I just wanted a story that could be read.  Shakespeare can be difficult in
> any language.

Thanks for the reply, and I think this answers my question.  I mean, I
can figure out what was meant, especially with the parallel English
text.  My question was more to what extent people consider the
language in these to be super-great-awesome, or if it is okay when I
find the occasional thing that seems odd, I can write it off to style
or a small error or something.



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