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Re: Yet another newbie!

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

Gee, two newbies at the same time :-)

Hello buSwI', hello Chris, welcome to the list. Apparently, we do not have a BG at this moment, so take action as a former BG to welcome you.

The BG had been introduced to lead the beginners and newbies through the list and the first steps in learning Klingon. His duty was also to avoid hundreds of answers to the same question. But there are not so many people here anymore, so that won't be a real problem.

If you have a real Beginners question, start you subject line with "KLBC" to catch the BG's attention. So you might be sure to get an answer.

About this list, read the FAQ:

If you want to hear really a lot of pronunciation, you defnitely need to get a copy of "Conversational Klingon". It's a tape also available on CD which contains the original voice of Marc Okrand explaining and speaking Klingon.

A second tape is called "Power Klingon". It contains more vocabulary, but less grammer. It's for the advanced speaker.

{pojwI'} is surely a good software, and making your own flashcards is also a good practice to remember the words.

And don't forget the movies, they contain the "original" Klingon, even though it's sometimes hard to understand.

batlh tlhIngan Hol yIghojtaH.
Quvar, 'utlh.
  (= retired BG)

PS: anyone close to europe should consider coming to the qepHom next week ( if you want to hear some klingon.

PPS: anyone from sweden should contact klingonska akademien, maybe all of you from sweden want to visit the qepHom together :-)
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