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Re: Yet another newbie!

C M (

I am a newbie as well.  Any help with pronunciation would be helpful.


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> tlhIngan Hol vIghoj vIneH!
> Here is another Swedish newbie. Thing is, there was a program on  
> Swedish
> television about a month ago about artificial languages, and in  
> particular
> Klingon. Interviews with Marc Okrand, Arika Okrent and notable Swedish
> Klingonists. And I got caught.
> So I have gotten KLD and downloaded {pojwI'}, which I'm using together
> with a flashcard program called Anki (tip to Jacob!) which is nice  
> since
> you get to make your own cards and it uses a spaced repetition  
> algorithm
> to show them to you suitably often.
> I wonder if anyone have good ideas for pronounciation training; I have
> used the descriptions, the recorded phrases at the KLI site and the  
> Forvo
> site. And of course, I listen to {taH pagh taHbe'} over and over  
> again ;-)
> But beyond that?
> One thing in particular that puzzles me is how {Duy'a'} and {Duy''a'}
> differ in sound, that is, how to say {''}.
> Also, I wonder about using locative in a noun phrase, as in {bIQDaq  
> veng},
> my attempt at translating "the city on the water" (yes, I know a true
> Klingon would not associate his city with water...). Is that ok?
> {jIlabta'}
>    {buSwI'}
>    aka kff

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