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RE: Yet another newbie!

DloraH ( [Hol po'wI']

> I have just posted a brief video in Klingon to YouTube.   
> Experienced speakers will be able to demonstrate and 
> critique the speech of newcomers,

(vIQoychu', ghIq mu'mey vItu'.)
H QIchlIj rurqu' gh QIchlIj.  loQ mumISmoH.  vIghov, 'ej vIQoyqa'DI' vIyaj... 'ach mI' vIQoyHa'.
mIQ vIQoylaw', vaj mIQwI' DamojmeH DaHaD, Spongebob rur, 'e' vIQub.  (qatIch 'e' vIHechbe'.)
qay'wI'vetlh lubuSHa'lu'chugh, qayaj.  maj.

(I didn't see the words until after I was done listening.)
Your gh sounded a lot like your H.  That threw me off the first time listening.  I recognized it,
and when I played it again I understood your video... except I heard mIQ instead of mI' and thought
you were studying to be a fry cook or something like Spongebob.
Otherwise, I did understand you.


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