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Re: Yet another newbie!

d'Armond Speers ( [KLI Member]

The correct URL for the FAQ is:


On Nov 11, 2009, at 1:18 PM, Lieven Litaer wrote:

> Gee, two newbies at the same time :-)
> Hello buSwI', hello Chris, welcome to the list. Apparently, we do  
> not have a BG at this moment, so take action as a former BG to  
> welcome you.
> The BG had been introduced to lead the beginners and newbies through  
> the list and the first steps in learning Klingon. His duty was also  
> to avoid hundreds of answers to the same question. But there are not  
> so many people here anymore, so that won't be a real problem.
> If you have a real Beginners question, start you subject line with  
> "KLBC" to catch the BG's attention. So you might be sure to get an  
> answer.
> About this list, read the FAQ:
> If you want to hear really a lot of pronunciation, you defnitely  
> need to get a copy of "Conversational Klingon". It's a tape also  
> available on CD which contains the original voice of Marc Okrand  
> explaining and speaking Klingon.
> A second tape is called "Power Klingon". It contains more  
> vocabulary, but less grammer. It's for the advanced speaker.
> {pojwI'} is surely a good software, and making your own flashcards  
> is also a good practice to remember the words.
> And don't forget the movies, they contain the "original" Klingon,  
> even though it's sometimes hard to understand.
> Qapla'
> batlh tlhIngan Hol yIghojtaH.
> Quvar, 'utlh.
>  (= retired BG)
> PS: anyone close to europe should consider coming to the qepHom next  
> week ( if you want to hear some klingon.
> PPS: anyone from sweden should contact klingonska akademien, maybe  
> all of you from sweden want to visit the qepHom together :-)
> -- 
> GRATIS für alle GMX-Mitglieder: Die maxdome Movie-FLAT!
> Jetzt freischalten unter

d'Armond Speers, Ph.D.

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