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RE: Dictionary Formats

Steven Boozer (

>> I am trying to come up with a dictionary as I learn new
>> words.  Does anyone happen to have a user friendly format
>> they would be willing to share?
>> Ideally, I would prefer that it be a dictionary of words that
>> I can enter in as I learn them or as opportunities to use
>> them arise.  Nothing will help me more in learning thlIngan
>> Hol than a build-your-own-dictionary, but to be honest, I am
>> not that computer savvy.

>Mine is simply plain text that I open in WordPad and use the search
>I size the window small and place it at the corner of the screen so I can
>see both the dictionary and the document that I am reading/writing.

That's exactly what I do, although I use MS-Word since it allows me to add character formatting (e.g. bold for the {tlhIngan Hol} text, italics for non-canonical words or questionable translations, underlining for emphasis, etc.). It also allows me to simply add an unlimited number of source notes, quotations from canon, notes, related vocabulary and assorted speculation to each entry.  (Hint:  Only keyboard the Klingon-English vocabulary; you can use the Search feature of the program to find English words.)

For example, here are my (slightly edited) entries for the noun {potlh} which I just looked up minus the aforementioned formatting which, for some reason, was lost when I copied-and-pasted it into this email:

{De' potlh}  specifications KBoP (n.) - {tlhIngan toQDuj Duj De'
   potlh} Klingon Bird of Prey General Specifications. KBoP

{Duj De' potlh}  general (ship) specifications KBoP (n.) - {tlhIngan
   toQDuj Duj De' potlh} Klingon Bird of Prey General Specifications.

{potlh}  consequential thing, something important (n.) (cf. {qolqoS}
   essence, {De'} information, {vIt} truth, {ngoD} fact, {ngoQ} goal,
   purpose; ant. {Dap} nonsense, {tu'HomI'raH} something useless), a
   matter, affair, a value/values (cf. {ghob} a virtue, {tIgh}
   culture) - {tlhIngan qorDu' potlh} Klingon Family Values. S13

{potlh De'}  priority message ST5 (n.) - {HoD, yo' SeHyaH nIvvo'
   potlh De' wIHevtaH} [Captain, we are receiving a priority message
   from [Fleet] Operations Command. (ST5 notes) - *{HochvaD De' potlh}
   "public service announcement, PSA" (ter'eS)

I know that others use various database or spreadsheet programs with each field reserved for one specific type of data, which allows them to do complicated Boolean searches.  I have always found my simple MS-Word version more than adequate.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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