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Re: Klingon translation

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Mark J. Reed wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 6:42 PM, ghunchu'wI'<> wrote:
>>> If it were possible to use {'e'} to refer
>>> to a question, it would have to be some kind of construction not aimed
>>> at using the question word as a relative pronoun.
>> Here is such a construction:  "I know who stole the money."
>> Another: "I wonder when the rock will fall."
> The second one has an argument for legitimate question-as-object,
> since it could be rendered as "I wonder, when will the rock fall?".

Except Okrand explicitly told us how to use {SIv} "wonder":

	tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh 'e' vISIv.
	I wonder if you speak Klingon.

However, it's a little less straightforward to say "I wonder when the 
rock will fall?" since it's not asking a "whether" question, which is 
what {SIv} does. A more precise translation of {SIV} might be "wonder 

I might translate the sentence with this:

	nagh pumpu'ghach poH vISovbe'.

tlhIngan Hol MUSH

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