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RE: Klingon translation

Steven Boozer (

Michael Everson:
>> 'Iv HoS law' 'Iv HoS puS, 'e' ghoHtaHvIS SuS bIr Hov je, ghoSpu'
>> lengwI'.  wep tuj tuQtaH ghaH.
>> The North Wind and the Sun were disputing which was the stronger, 
>> when a traveler came along wrapped in a warm cloak.

Some vocabulary suggestions:

{qat}  "wrap, encase" (v.)

{ngup} "cape" (n.)
{mop}  "robe" (n.)

{'ev}  "area northwestward, area towards the northwest" (n.)

Not exactly north, but it'll do.  Klingons have only three cardinal directions:

    \______ chan

>The "Who is stronger than whom" question is an idiom that doesn't
>necessarily transfer into Klingon anyway. If you really need the most
>literal translation, try {'Iv HoS law' latlh HoS puS} instead. I think
>the simplest and most direct way to say it is probably {nIv 'Iv HoS?}

Or just {nIvqu' 'Iv?}  E.g.:

  bortaS nIvqu' 'oH bortaS'e' 
  Revenge is the best revenge. TKW

  'etlh QorghHa'lu'chugh ragh 'etlh nIvqu' 'ej jejHa'choH 
  Even the best blade will rust and grow dull unless it
  is cared for. TKW

  yIntaHbogh qagh jablu'DI' reH nIvqu' qagh 
  Gagh is always best when served live. TKW

Canon Master of the Klingons

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