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Correct use of retlh

JON BROWN ( [KLI Member]

A query on the correct use of retlh:
If I wanted to say, "My Commander is waiting for me next to the ship" would it be, [Duj retlh muloSlI' la'wI']

Something else I was thinking of that may use retlh.. I wanted to a word or construction to symbolise "beach" (or shore as in the land at the sea edge, whether it's an actual beach or not doesn't really matter)

So thought that retlh may help and came up with:

[bIQ'a' HeH retlh] 

but again wasn't sure if that was the correct position for retlh in that noun-noun construction or even at all.

If both of those are correct I assume I could then say:

{bIQ'a' HeH retlh} muloSlI' jupwI'

I decided on ocean's edge rather than land's edge as I imagine you can have an edge of land not abutting water, like a cliff,  whereas a water edge can't really be next to anything other than land.


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