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Re: chay' "Get out of the way!" ra'lu'?

Doq (

You seem to think we disagree. I gave a poor description.

{ghoS} always implies a course or path. It's object (direct or  
indirect) tends to be a location somewhere on that path. It might be  
in front of you or behind you. It's still a point on the path. You may  
be heading toward it or away from it, or you might even be at the  
location of the object, but bIghoStaHchugh, the path is the thing you  
are moving along. The object is just a location that identifies the  
path. If the path itself has a name, that works as an object, like  
{bIQtIqDaq jIghoS}.

I did not intend to imply that any location associated with {ghoS} had  
to be a destination.

The suffix {-vo'} clarifies that it is behind you or you are heading  
away from it, but it is optional, if that's what you wish to explain.

I think we actually agree on this one, and I apologize for not being  
clear about what I meant.

I also definitely erred earlier with the erroneous word {yIghoSbe'}.  
Of course, you never use {yI-} and {-be'} on the same word. HIvqa'  

None of that should be too distracting to my original point. {HewIjvo'  
yIghoS!} seems somewhat surreal, in the "What is the sound of one hand  
clapping?" sense. I am commanded to follow the path that is not a  
path. Very Zen. Perhaps it's better to go with {HewIj 'oHbe'bogh  
yIghoS!} Likely better {HIbotHa', qoH!} or {HIjun, toDSaH!} followed  
by {taQbanglIj vItlhuHpu'. DaH taQbangwIj yItlhuH!} once you get past  


On Jun 1, 2009, at 5:55 PM, David Trimboli wrote:

> Doq wrote:
>> Interesting.
>> I've always thought of {ghoS} to mean to move along a path. It's
>> object (direct or indirect) tends to be a location along the path.
>> So {Hevo' ghoS!} strikes me as remarkably odd. I'm sure it's just my
>> odd interpretation of {ghoS}.
> Look at the definition of {ghoS} again: "approach, go away from,
> proceed, come, follow (a course)."
> {ghoS} means following a course whether it is leading *to* something  
> or
> *away* from something.
> SuStel
> Stardate 9417.9
> -- 
> David Trimboli

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