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RE: Questions with law'/puS

Steven Boozer (

qe'San ((Jon Brown)) wrote:
>>> And if that construction works then a "what?" construction might be:
>>>   nuq nom law' Hoch nom puS, qIvo'rIt qItI'nga ghap Dangu'

>> There's no verb meaning "be fast".  {nom} "quickly" is an adverbial.
>> You'd have to rephrase the question as something like this:
>>    nuq Do' tIn law' Hoch tIn puS?>
>One of those times when I saw what I wanted to see rather than what was
>actually there.
There's no quality "be fast" but we do have {moD} "hurry" and {chung} "accelerate".  Instead of saying something is fast/quick, you can say it goes fast/quickly:

  nom yIghoSqu' 
  Maximum speed.  ST5

or goes slowly:

  cha'maHvagh vatlhvI' Hong.  QIt yIghoS! 
  Slow to one quarter impulse power.  ST5

Canon Master of the Klingons

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