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Re: KLBC thlIngan Hol vIghojchoH

Terrence Donnelly ( [KLI Member]

You seem to know what KLBC is for, so I won't go into the whole newbie intro. I'm the Beginner's Grammarian, and I get first crack at answering your posts, and then others can chime in.  Also, if you want any advice on resources, or learning methods, I'll try to advise you.

--- On Wed, 7/8/09, Ethan Kaminski <> wrote:

In general, this is pretty good.  I'll take each sentence in order.

> Hol HaDwI' jIH.  

maj ('good').

>tlhIngan Hol Dajqu'.  

"Klingon is very interesting" would be {Dajqu' tlhIngan Hol}.  In this sentence, {Daj} is used as a verb, and the phrase {tlhIngan Hol} is its subject. You've written "The very interesting Klingon language."

>"English" vijatlh 'ej "Japan" Hol vIghojtaH je.  

Fine, except for misspelled {vIjatlh}.

>vaj tlhIngan Hol vigholchoH 'ej "TKD"'e' vIghaj.

Mostly fine, but you've misspelled {vIghojchoH}, and you don't need {-'e'} on "TKD".

-- ter'eS BG

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