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Re: Alternatives to Code2000 PUA Klingon Font

Michael Everson (

On 2 Jul 2009, at 17:48, qurgh lungqIj wrote:

> Still didn't work for me. Winrar will extract the file, but Windows  
> is still
> reporting it as an invalid font file.

On the Mac the FontBook app will "verify" fonts and tell whether they  
are OK or not. It even reports on which tables are OK and which are not.

> Fontlab 5 still opens them ok though. I'm wondering if the Mac  
> version is
> doing something Windows doesn't like.

It's meant to be pretty robust software. I must load the fonts in XP  
and see what happens.

> I've uploaded the regenerated versions of them. These work in  
> Windows, see
> if they work on the Mac:

Opening them back up in FontLab shows that certain OpenType headers  
and names have been stripped out. That's bad.

Michael Everson *

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