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Re: Alternatives to Code2000 PUA Klingon Font

qurgh lungqIj (

I couldn't open any of those fonts on Windows 7. It gives me the "This is
not a valid font file" error. I was able to open them in Fontlab Sudio 5
though, regenerate them and then they worked.
Also, can you tell me what's wrong with my font? chay' vItI'?

I was able to use it to get pIqaD working on Windows Mobile 5/6 devices as
well as iPhone/iPod Touch devices. If anyone has one of these and wants to
be able to read pIqaD (no keyboards yet, working on it), let me know off
list and I can send you the files.


On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 7:57 AM, Michael Everson <>wrote:

> The fonts are now hosted at
> These should work on multiple platforms; at least their headers and
> character names are all conformant. For Mac users I have included a
> Keyboard Layout which follows the layout given at
> /wiki/index.php?Chatting%20in%20pIqaD
> I've looked at the guts of qurgh's fonts and the 2004 version of
> Qo'noS and both of those have internal anomalies... If the refit of
> three of qa'vaj's fonts worked out well (please test and let me know)
> I'd be happy to tweak the others as well.
> Michael Everson *

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