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RE: Facebook in Klingon

Steven Boozer (

>> but how about using *{jup bey'} "friend display"?  See:
>> bey'         ceremonial display KGT
>> betleH bey'  bat'leth Display KCD
>> nuH bey'     Pride of Weapons (a ceremonial display of weapons) KCD
>> quv bey'     Honor Display (a ceremonial display of weapons) KCD

>Your wall is a place where you can display things for your friends (and also
>where they can display things for you, if you allow it).  So <bey'> is on

Ah.  I wasn't sure what your FaceBook "wall" was.

>the right track, but <jup bey'> sounds like you're displaying your friends,
>or it might refer to a <jup>'s <bey'> (a "friend's wall" would then be
><jup jup bey'>), which would be confusing.

Isn't there a section where your FaceBook "friends" are displayed/listed, sometimes with little images attached, for the world to see?  Seems like {jup bey'} would be good for this.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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