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Re: New help getting "Self Control" translated into Klingon.

De'vID jonpIn (

> I am working on some Civilian guides for the IKEF.
> I need to translate "self control" into Klingon.
> The context is "The Tome of Self Control".
> The Tome will guide a klingon on controlling ones self in matters of battle
> and duty.
> I know control is SeH.
> I thank you in advance.

<SeH'eghmeH> "in order to control oneself".  That can be the name of the
book by itself.  We know of at least one book with a verbal clause for a
title, <jabmeH> "In Order to Serve", which is mentioned in KGT (p. 86).
 There's really no need to indicate that it's a "tome", since that is
presumably self-evident to your (Klingon) audience.

But if you want to indicate that it's a "tome", you can use <paq'a'> "great
book, major book".  Maybe something like <SeH'eghmeH paq'a'> "great book for
controlling oneself" or <Sun paq'a'> "great book of discipline".


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