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Re: Basic grammar question

Alan Anderson ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ja' SuStel:

>> From: "Marc Okrand" <>
>>      matay' jIH molor tuq je
>>      Sutay' SoH molor tuq je
> Aha! This also shows that Klingon doesn't mimic the English rule of
> putting first and second person pronouns before third person nouns and
> pronouns in the subject. I knew we had an example of that somewhere!

I don't understand.  These Klingon sentences *do* put first-person  
{jIH} and second-person {SoH} before third-person {molor tuq}.  I  
also don't recognize the English rule you're referring to.

(There is a rule the other way around, saying that "he and I" is  
preferable to "I and he", but I learned it as a rule of etiquette,  
not one of grammar.)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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