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Re: HeghmeH QaQbogh jaj yIngu'

>tulwI' asks:
>>>jIQupqa' vIneH'a' jIH? loQ. loQ jIpay. loQ jIchoH vIneH. jIQupqa' vIneH
>>>'ach qanwI' Sov vISov vIneH, jIQuptaHvIS. DuHHa'.
>>grammar question:
>>is it really possible to add /jIQuptaHvIS/ _after_ the 
>>ovs-structure (i.e., after the body)? i thought that a phrase like 
>>/jIQuptaHvIS/ must go into the header.
>No.  Dependent clauses can go either before or after the main 
>clause.  Cf. TKD (p.63) for an explicit example:
>   SutlhtaHvIS chaH DIHIvpu' = DIHIvpu' SutlhtaHvIS chaH
>   While they were negotiating we attacked them.
>Stating the dependent clause first is apparently a matter of good - 
>or, at least, the most common - Klingon style.  It's not a 
>grammatical requirement.

thank you. a "dependent clause" is a sentence, whos verb has a type 9 
verb suffix, right? so, type 9 clauses can appear in the header or 
after the body. but how do we call the are behind the body? tail?

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