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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>>>Actually, the term 'genitive' has been used on this list to describe
>>>the function of the first noun in a noun-noun construction.  To slip
>>>into the fiction of Klingon for a bit, I suspect that long ago,
>>>there was a 'genitive' syntactic marker, and like the other
>>>syntactic markers it was a Type 5 suffix.  This would explain why
>>>nouns occupying that grammatical role can't take Type 5 suffixes -
>>>it's a holdover from when those nouns had Type 5 suffixes of their
>>normally, t5-suffixes mark nouns that go into the header. it would
>>have been a strange t5-suffix that doesn't need a "-bogh"-clause,
>>wouldn't it?
>Well, it was just conjecture, but if it were true, it would not have 
>seemed strange to the Klingon speakers of that time perios, any more 
>than Shakespeare, Chaucer, or Beowulf would have seemed starnge to 
>their original audience.  I assume you're German; don't Martin 
>Luther's writings sound a little odd to modern ears?  And yet to 
>Germans of his day, they were perfectly normal (well, maybe they 
>were a little more formal than most German of the day).
>In the same way, this "Old Klingon" sounds strange to us, but would 
>have been normal to Klingons at the time it was spoken.
>For those who haven't been following this thread (and yet have read 
>this far anyway), this "Old Klingon" is not referring to Okrand's 
>no' Hol, but to a premise based completely upon conjecture, so don't 
>get confused.

i am german. and yes, of course, a kind of old klingon could have had 
the ability to combine two nouns, when the first one is a type 5 
noun. who knows, maybe "qabDaq qul" in an old klingon was a valid 
noun-noun phrase. and maybe in an old klingon there was even a type 5 
suffix in order to create adverbials. then there would have been a 
difference between /Do'/ and /Do'/ (maybe /Do'nargh/?), or even a 
timestamp type 5 suffix that distinguishes between /ram/ and /ram/, 
hm, maybe /rampoH/?
but this is just science fiction. :)

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