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Re: ngan

Am 30.10.2002 07:43:11, schrieb "Lee Herndon" <>:

>I speak English, with a slight southern accent.  ;)
okay. Then we only have to teach you klingon ;-)

>Not yet, other than my inadequate memory of reading some of the TKD and 
>Hamlet at various times in the last few years.  I was broke at the last few 
>times either was in the bookstore.
I know that. I ordered KGT at the bookstore even before it was published. I got it from a different 
bookstore one year later...

>Oops.  It always seems to be attached.
Yes. But when you read section 3.2.1, you find out that nouns can be attached to each other to make a 
new noun:
3.2.1. Compound nouns
Compound nouns consist of two or three nouns in a row, much like English earthworm (earth plus worm) or 
password (pass plus word). For example, jolpa' transportroom consists of jol transport beam plus pa' 

Beginners' Grammarian
  ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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