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Important news concerning qep'a' wa'maHDIch

I have been in contact this morning with a rep from the Radisson hotel, the 
site of qep'a' HutDIch. 

Based on a verbal agreement reached at the end of August, I believed we would 
be returning to that hotel for next summer's conference. However, the actual 
written contract which I received a few days ago bears no resemblance to the 
terms of last year's contract, nor the kind of reasonable changes I had been 

The new contract is, quite simply, brutal and beyond our ability to afford. I 
made that very clear to the rep on the phone this morning, and she will take 
this information back to her boss, but the outcome will probably be that we 
will *not* be returning to the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge.

This means that I need to scramble and try to find a new site for us, with 
only about a nine-month lead time. In the world of conferences and 
conventions that's not a lot of time.

I'll post more news as I have it, but it might be a week or more before 
anything firm comes through.


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