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Re: ngan

From: "Quvar valer" <>
> >Oops.  It always seems to be attached.
> Yes. But when you read section 3.2.1, you find out that nouns can be
attached to each other to make a
> new noun:
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> 3.2.1. Compound nouns
> Compound nouns consist of two or three nouns in a row, much like English
earthworm (earth plus worm) or
> password (pass plus word). For example, jolpa' transportroom consists of
jol transport beam plus pa'
> room.
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Keep in mind, though, that this is very likely not the sort of compounding
that a speaker can do on the fly.  Doing so would only be useful as a
marked, or one-time use.

Rule of thumb: don't compound nouns.  Understand them when you see them in
the dictionary, but don't stick them together yourself.

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