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Re: Qov's sentences translated

Gina wrote:
> > Also, do you know how to say:  I am not a Ferengi.
>Is it possible to say "jIHbe' verengan"?  There is no verb, so I'm not sure
>what to do.

Look at TKD (p. 69f.):

   There is no verb corresponding to English "to be" in Klingon. On the
   other hand, all pronouns (section 5.1) can be used as verbs, in the
   sense of "I am", "you are", etc.
      tlhIngan jIH       I am a Klingon.
      yaS SoH            You are an officer.
      puqpu' chaH        They are children.
      pa'wIjDaq jIHtaH   I am in my quarters.
   When there is a definite subject, it follows the pronoun and takes
   the {-'e'} "topic" suffix.
     puqpu' chaH qama'pu''e'  The prisoners are children
     (As for the prisoners, they are children.)

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