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Re: Qov's sentences translated

At 14:31 20/11/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>First try in translations...

They start off good, with one persitent error, but then I managed to pitch 
a couple over your head.

>Gina knows that Klingons can speak complex sentences.
>Qatlh mu'tlheghmey jatlhlaH tlhInganpu' 'e' Sov Gina.

I was looking for "complex" rather than "difficult."  Hint: complex is a 
bit like the opposite of simple.
Also section 4.4 has bitten you again.

SuD Soj = The food is blue.
Soj SuD = blue food

>Fortunately, if Gina encounters a fierce warrior, she will be able to
>Do' qu' SuvwI' ghomchugh Gina QumlaH.

And again, section 4.4.

>She knows how to command the words she speaks.
>mu'mey jatlh ra' Sov {how to}

I was looking for -bogh and -meH phrases here.

>If an Andorian kidnaps a child in order to demand a ransom, the planetary
>defense force will rescue the child before the kidnapper harms it.
>puq quchta'chugh {Andorian} {in order to} poQ voHDajbo', puq toDlI'
>{planetary} Hub raD(not sure this is the right force) 'oy'pa quchwI'

You let the length of this sentence intimidate you.  You didn't use the 
tools you have learned to designate the functions of various nouns and 
verbs.  Is Andorian not in the books?  My bad.  It's so easy to 
transliterate, I assumed it was there.  An Andorian is a blue guy with 
antennae, from the old show.

>Why have you not cleaned your room?
>qatlh pa'lIj Say'eghbe'
>I'm wanting to say Say'eghbe'pu', but I'm not sure that is right.  This is
>missing something, not sure what exactly.

You're missing a verb prefix.  The -'egh means self and doesn't 
belong.  You are right about -pu'.  I would have used -pu' myself, because 
I wanted by the question to ask about the completion of the cleaning, not 
the process.  Why haven't you cleaned it, as opposed to why don't you clean it.

Give these another try.  Also, I think you've missed N5s in your travels so 
far.  Have a look at type 5 noun suffixes and try:

I will give the cadet my old knife.
He is afraid to try because of the evil omen.
I will put the knife on his red uniform.
His uniform hangs next to mine.

Also, do you know how to say:

I am not a Ferengi.

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