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Re: Looking for Klingons in my area. *KLINGON*

Hello Sebastian!

     Read your E-mail with intrest.... even though I may not be in your 
area, you DID get a warrioress in Schenectady, New York!  My terran name is 
Karen Wood, but my tlhIngan name is Kha'Lar Vestai-Wardach. I have been into 
speaking Klingon for quite some time now, even though I am a bit out of 
practice because I have been busy.  Between working and then going to the 
gym 3X a week, don't leave a gal much time to study!  I got interested in 
Klingon because I took German in High School and I noticed that there are a 
LOT of similarities between the two.  If you're curious, I am a little 
thing, 4' 8.5" tall, and I go around 110 lbs, and am a little bit muscular 
due to my working out.... I have LONG blonde hair and green eyes.... LOL 
(could you imagine what long blonde hair would look like with a 
head-ridge???? ) Anyhow, I am 42 years old, but don't be fooled, I look 
about only half that.  If you wish, give me a rundown on yourself!  I will 
await your reply......

Karen Wood

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>Greetings all!
>I am looking for Klingons who live in my area, or anybody who is interested 
>in tlhingan Hol, Star Trek or Sci-Fi in general.
>My specific location is Parsons, KS and I have a group that meets in 
>Joplin, MO which I have finally gotten to agree to start learning tlhingan 
>Hol so we could honestly list it as a qepHom.
>Any body within driving distance of these two locations please contact me 
>Please put KLINGON in the subject line so I know you're not spam.
>I also have contacts in the following locations who would also like to make 
>friends with other Klingons in thier areas. Please send me a message and 
>I'll pass it along to the appropriate people.
>Temple, TX
>James is a recent e-mail friend who is very interested in learning tlhIngan 
>Hol. He seems to think he is all alone in Temple, TX could someone please 
>prove him wrong?
>Muskogee, OK
>David and Gayla run a website for my group and would like to meet others 
>interested in all things Klingon
>Magnolia, AR
>The Snyders are a family that used  to belong to my group in Joplin, MO 
>before they had to move. They are also alone in thier area and are looking 
>for some friend with properly bumpy heads.
>My thanks to all who respond

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