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Re: Qov's sentences translated

At 22:32 19/11/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>They have been translated, with a little help.
>When I first met Gina she could not speak Klingon at all.
>I helped her slightly and suddenly she became able to construct beautiful 
>sentences. This very clever so-called "beginner" makes me very happy.  She 
>demonstrates that if you work hard you can frighten Qov.
>thlIngan Hol jatlhlaHbe'chu' Gina vIqIHDI'.  loQ vIQaH 'ej pay' 
>mu'tlheghmey 'IH chenchoHmoHlaH.  muQuchmoHqu' taghwI'qoqvam 
>valqu'.  bIvumqu'chugh, Qov DaghIjlaH 'e' 'agh.oH

toH.  choghIjbej, Gina.  bIghojqu'taH.  not Dururbogh taghwI'vaD 
mu'tlheghmeyvetlh rurbogh mu'tlheghmey vInob.  vIghIj vIneHbe', vItung 
vIneHbe', vIghojHa'moH vIneHbe''.  qatlh SoHvaD Qatlhqu'wI'mey vInob?  wa' 
wen vItlhoblu'pu'chugh, jIjatlh: jIbuD.  'a chaq DujwIjmo' jIvang.

DaH nuq Data' DaneH?  vay' Damugh DaneH'a'?  chaq DaH lutHom Daqon 
DaneH.  yIruch.  qaboQqang.

laHlIj DamuchmeH, chovnatlhmeyvam tImugh:

Gina knows that Klingons can speak complex sentences.
Fortunately, if Gina encounters a fierce warrior, she will be able to 
She knows how to command the words she speaks.
If an Andorian kidnaps a child in order to demand a ransom, the planetary 
defense force will rescue the child before the kidnapper harms it.
Why have you not cleaned your room?

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