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Looking for Klingons in my area.

Greetings all!

I am looking for Klingons who live in my area, or anybody who is interested in tlhingan Hol, Star Trek or Sci-Fi in general.

My specific location is Parsons, KS and I have a group that meets in Joplin, MO which I have finally gotten to agree to start learning tlhingan Hol so we could honestly list it as a qepHom.

Any body within driving distance of these two locations please contact me at 
Please put KLINGON in the subject line so I know you're not spam.

I also have contacts in the following locations who would also like to make friends with other Klingons in thier areas. Please send me a message and I'll pass it along to the appropriate people.

Temple, TX
James is a recent e-mail friend who is very interested in learning tlhIngan Hol. He seems to think he is all alone in Temple, TX could someone please prove him wrong?

Muskogee, OK
David and Gayla run a website for my group and would like to meet others interested in all things Klingon

Magnolia, AR
The Snyders are a family that used  to belong to my group in Joplin, MO before they had to move. They are also alone in thier area and are looking for some friend with properly bumpy heads.

My thanks to all who respond


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