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New York (was: Re: Looking for Klingons in my area. *KLINGON*)

yIqIm, ghom HochvaD QInlIj Dalab.
tlhIngan Hol Dalo'nIS.

> DID get a warrioress in Schenectady, New York!

Rochester, NY vIDab
I am in Rochester, NY

> I am a bit out of practice because I have been busy.  Between working
> and then going to the gym 3X a week, don't leave a gal much time to study!

bIvumtaHvIS 'ej bImI'taHvIS yIqeq.
Practice by using it WHILE you work and go to the gym.

> (could you imagine what long blonde hair would look like with a 
> head-ridge???? ) 

vIleghpu'.  jIb Doq vIleghpu' je.  'ej jIb nguvmoHlu'bogh je.
I've seen it.  I have also seen red hair.  And unnaturally colored hair too.


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