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qaStaH nuq?

     I am K'moghjIH of the House Ki'RK. I am still new
to translating tlhIngan Hol. I belong to House Ki'RK
and the Klingon Armada International. I command my own
ship for the House, the ICV Heghnach, but in KAI, I am
Chief Culture Officer and Linguist. I got assigned as
Linguist when the CO found out that I had joined KLI
and had an interest in tlhIngan Hol. I have been able
to translate a few words into tlhIngan Hol, but I get
really nervous and frustrated trying to translate
whole sentences and poems. The CO has me trying to
translate things and then he wants it broken down into
phonetic spellings. I need a lot of help with these

     In RL, I am a Computer Operator and Network
Administrator for County Civil Service. I have 3
Associate's Degrees and a Bachelor's Degree in
Computers and in January, I start my MBA in Technology

House Ki'RK

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