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Re: qaStaH nuq?

At 16:33 02-11-06 -0800, you wrote:
>      I am K'moghjIH of the House Ki'RK. I am still new
>to translating tlhIngan Hol. I belong to House Ki'RK
>and the Klingon Armada International. I command my own
>ship for the House, the ICV Heghnach, but in KAI, I am
>Chief Culture Officer and Linguist. I got assigned as
>Linguist when the CO found out that I had joined KLI
>and had an interest in tlhIngan Hol. I have been able
>to translate a few words into tlhIngan Hol, but I get
>really nervous and frustrated trying to translate
>whole sentences and poems.

Refuse to translate poems, saying that nothing originally composed in the 
Federation language deserves the rich sounds of tlhIngan Hol.  (Translating 
poetry takes advanced skill and way too much work).

The official Beginners' Grammarian will answer you with some more concrete 
suggestions, especially if you send some short samples of what you have 
written in tlhIngan Hol.

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