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Re: qaStaH nuq?

ja' "Larry D. French Sr." <> (K'moghjIH):
>...The CO has me trying to
>translate things and then he wants it broken down into
>phonetic spellings.

Don't coddle your CO.  The usual spelling *is* phonetic.  If he wants you
to exert extra effort, offer to spend that effort teaching him how to
pronounce what you've translated.  Try to get him to see that a small
amount of meeting you halfway will save you both a lot of ongoing work.

It takes only a few minutes' briefing to acquaint someone with the few odd
sounds like {Q} and {tlh}.  Once they've been pointed out, it's no harder
to read {puqloD} than it is to read "pook-lode", especially if the reader
is already familiar with a language like Spanish or Italian.  (And, as we
saw recently with the Frasier incident, it's easy to get confused and put
in extra syllables when {Danobpu'bogh} is spelled "dah-nobe-poo-boagh".)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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