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Re: HIja' and HISlaH

'oghwI' wrote:

>This is something I've been meaning to ask...
>What is the difference between HIja' and HISlaH?
>Is it just personal preference, or have I missed a source?

   "{HIja'} and {HISlaH} seem to be used interchangeably." (TKD p.57)

The real life explanation is that {HISlaH} is a "Valkris-ism" from the 
movie ST3:

Kruge:   vaj Daleghpu'?
           (Then you have seen it?)
Valkris: HISlaH, jawwI'.
           (I have, my lord.)

Actress Kathy Shirriff is responsible for several variant forms in tlhIngan 
Hol, either because she found tlhIngan Hol difficult to pronounce or 
remember, or because a line she filmed in English was later dubbed into 
Klingon, with the exact phrasing chosen to more or less match her lip 
movements.  You'll notice another Valkris-ism in the above scene: 
{jaw}.  Okrand comments on {joH} in KGT (p.198):

   This title also has an alternate form, {jaw}, which is used from time to
   time with no known difference in meaning or connotation, though {joH} is
   heard far more frequently.

Consider them common variations.

Personally, I like to think that Valkris was not a native tlhIngan Hol 
speaker -- i.e. she grew up speaking one of the other "dialects" known on 
the Homeworld -- and therefore has a pronounced, though fairly common, 
regional accent.  (Sort of a a Klingon analog to Chekov or the Rozhenkos 
who, though proficient in Federation Standard, clearly did not grow up 
speaking it at home as attested by their accents.)

Voragh                            "All the meaning is in the context."
Ca'Non Master of the Klingons           (Ilya Kabakov, Russian artist)

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