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Chopping up words (was Re:KLBC-First part of translation from Qov's sentences)

>I couldn't fine could not anywhere in TKD so I changed it to was not, if
there is info on the word could, 
>please tell me what section to look in.  I've read almost all of TKD but
could easily have missed it. 

Sorry if I'm butting in on the BG's fun, but this goes with some other
stuff I was going to say.

If you chop up "could not" into basic DIvI' Hol, it can also be said as
"was not able". Hope that helps.

On a sorta related, sorta not topic, I was chopping up the difference
between HIja' and HISlaH, and I think I worked it out (I don't know if this
has been discussed here before, I probably look a real jIvwI' jay' at the
moment). Is it HIja' is more for to do with information etc.? I think it
might be, because it also can be "Tell me!". Any ideas?

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