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Hatlh (was: RE: Terran dates [G-KLBC})

> je HatlhwI'Daq ta'Hol wIghItlh

Parhaps you do live in the Hatlh, I don't know; but even if you do I would
still like to mention this for other beginners...

When looking at Hatlh be sure to look at the whole definition:
"country, COUNTRYSIDE"
This is refering to a rural setting, away from the city, non-urban, where
the Omish live.  It doesn't refer to a political region.

For "country" in a political sense, TKD p16:
"A specific area whose borders
are definable, by whatever means, is normally called a
Sep, commonly translated as "region," though, since the
regions were politically distinct in the past, "country"
might have at one time been just as appropriate a translation."

DloraH, BG

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