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qep'a' Roommate?

The qep'a' is approaching (only 1 month left to make hotel reservations at 
the KLI $95/night rate); I'm checking to see if anyone who is going wants a 
roommate. If you're not going, you should change your plans soon! :-D A 
double room apparently costs the same as a single room, so you can split 
the cost with me and speak Klingon at the same time! I'm male, don't smoke, 
and being a former BG I am going to speak Klingon there. You can email me 
off the list at if you want to share a room at the 

tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'meyvaD:
'eH - tugh qaS qep'a'! pa' DaghoSba', qar'a'? ;-) wej mebpa'meyDaq pa' 
DawIvta'chugh, pa' vIDIlbogh Dalo'laH SoH je. qutlhlaw'. loD jIH, chIch 
tlhuch vItlhuHbe', 'ej tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhbej. pa' Dalo' DaneHchugh HIrI'neS.

- taD

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