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Re: Terran dates [G-KLBC}

je HatlhwI'Daq ta'Hol wIghItlh

In New Zealand, we use the logical format as well.

 (I always assumed that the rest of the world does too, and that Americans
just had to be difficult...)

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Subject: RE: Terran dates

> ja' DloraH:
> >In english I always go dd-MMM-yy.  I never understood
> >why people go month (a general area of measurement)- day
> >(the specific unit of meaasurement)-year
> >(back to a large unit of measurement).
> in australia, we have the 'day first, then month' system of registering
> dates as well, which makes today's date 27/05/02; we all have the
> here that MM/DD/YY format is an American thing, and i havre never been
> to understand the logic behind it.  ;)
> --DantlhIgh
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