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> ghIchchaj bochmoHta' QIplaHchu'mo' chay' jISov jIneH
> I want to know how anyone falls for such an obvious scam

The Klingon is actually three sentences connected using what is called
Sentence-As-Object (SAO) (TKD p65).

Even tho /neH/ doesn't use the pronoun 'e', it is a separate sentence and
the previous sentence is the object.  Since it has an object, it needs a
prefix that implies an object; in this case vI-.

Sov is a sentence, and the previous sentence is what is being known; the
previous sentence is the object.  Since it has an object, it too gets vI-.
To represent the previous sentence as the object of Sov, we use the pronoun
'e' vISov

'e' vISov vIneH   "I what to know that"

This brings us to the first sentence.  chay' is a question.  That turns this
whole thing into a QAO (Question-As-Object).  We don't have enough
information on this usage.  To be safe, don't try this at home; only your
stunt double should try this; and he'll probably end up dead after being
stabbed and kicked like a dead horse.

tojba'ghach Harbogh ghot meq vISov vIneH

With this version the object of /vISov/ is no longer the previous sentence;
it is the noun /meq/... and /meq/ is part of the noun-noun construction
/ghot meq/, and /ghot/ is modified by a relative clause (TKD p63).

This is just one way to do it.  Others will offer other ways.

> [I originally had - bochmoHHa'Qo'ta'  for 'doesn't uncause to be shined'
> but I think that it seems more intentional the way it is now...]

Suffixes must stay in their assigned order.
-Ha', even tho it is called a rover, it always comes right after the verb.
(TKD p48)
-Qo', even tho it too is a rover, it occurs last, unless followed by a Type
9 suffix. (TKD p47)

DloraH, BG

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