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Re: Terran dates

From: "marien danzig" <>
> in australia, we have the 'day first, then month' system of registering
> dates as well, which makes today's date 27/05/02; we all have the
> here that MM/DD/YY format is an American thing, and i havre never been
> to understand the logic behind it.  ;)

nap.  jatlh *America* DIvI' Hol jatlhwI': "May 26th, 2002."  jatlhbe' "26th
May 2002."  vaj mI'meyvam ghItlh: "5/26/02."

chaq Dapar, 'a DaH Dayaj.

poH lengwI' Quj vIQujtaHvIS (CºNTINUUM), jaS jIghItlh: "2002/5/26."  QujvaD
nIv patvam.

Stardate 2401.5

It's done because that's how it's pronounced.

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