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Help with a short beginner's class in Klingon?

I have been confronted with the challenge to produce a small course in
Klingon. I'll approximately one and a half hour to teach a class of maybe
10 persons something about the language, at a small Science Fiction
convention. Theses people presumably know nothing about the language, and
I would like to give them the impression that they've stumbled across
something fun (which they have!)

Has anyone here hosted a similar course? I'm interested in experiences,
and opionions as well as suggestions for excercises, and tricks to aid
memory and learning. (How do you get people to learn words in that
short a time? Games? Word lists?)

Currently I'm thinking along the lines of using "The Four
Ideals" (accuracy, straightforwardness, aggressiveness and strength) as a
fundament for the course. I'd also like to mix in some proverbs, idioms
etc., to show some of the richness of the language. I would also like to
give the participants a list of phrases that can be combined in several
ways to produce a simple dialogue.

The course will be held on June 30 and possibly also June 31 (depending on
interest) in Stockholm.

All suggestions and opinons are very welcome. (Even opinions on what
topics such a course should [or could] cover - the standard greeting
scenarion obviously doesn't apply - what should I use instead?)

I've read something about a similar course (though longer) that is
to be tought at the next qep'a' - who has produced that course?

Klingonska Akademien, Uppsala

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