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Re: URGENT PROPOSAL (Hol practice)

Am 26.05.2002 02:26:59, schrieb DOOM_er <>:

>This is a very dangerous kind of spam, I've heard about people being 
>kidnapped or even murdered after responding to such dubious proposals. But 
>I hope noone here is stupid enough to reply, anyways. :)

veQ Qobqu' 'oH QInvam'e'. 
rut quchlu'pu', rut HoHlu'pu' QIn quvHa' lujangta'bogh ghotpu' 'e' jatlhlu'.
'ach naDev jangmeH QIpchu'be' vay' 'e' vItul.

SKI: I translated what he said, because otherwise, it is off-topic ;-)


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