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RE: Terran dates

> > Troop #102 Proudly recognizes J*** M****** For attaining the rank
> >   of Eagle.  June 3rd, 2002
> > cha'SaD Cha' jar javlogh wejlogh toQ patlh  Soqta'mo' J***
> >   M****** lughovtaH wey wa'vetlh cha' 'ej luHem

>DIS cha'SaD cha'  jar jav  jaj wej, ...
>Year 2002  month 6  day 3, ...
>Yes, DIS and jar refer to klingon units of time measurement, but most people
>don't have a problem with this.  Many (all?) of us use these terms for the
>earth equivalent.

Including Okrand, who added {tera'} in the SkyBox Copyright notice to make 
it clear he's referring to Terran years:

   TM, R c. je tera' DIS wa'-Hut-Hut-loS. Hoch SeH Paramount Pictures.
   TM, R c.1994 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.

"Earth year one-nine-nine-four"

Also notice that the numerals of the date are read out separately, not 
combined as a full number ("one thousand nine hundred ninety-four") or 
grouped in pairs ("nineteen ninety-four").  Okrand also did this in his 
example of a stardate, which also appeared on a SkyBox card (S33):

   HovpoH Hut vagh cha' wa' vI' jav Dujvam 'aghlu'pu' 'ach Qaw'lu'pu'

"stardate nine five two one point six"

Whether this is how all dates are read aloud is unknown as Okrand has never 
given us an example of a true Klingon date, using the Klingon's own dating 

BTW, we do have another questionable example from the "Star Trek: The 
Experience" opening email announcement.  Unfortunately, no one has been 
able to verify whether Okrand wrote it.  (Has anyone ever asked him?):

   tera' poH jaj wa', jar wa', jaj loSDIch, DIS wa'-Hut-Hut-chorgh
   Sunday, January 4, 1998

Note that here too, {tera'} precedes the entire string.  (If Okrand didn't 
write Paramount's "communique", whoever did was aware of the SkyBox example.)

Finally, using this as a model - which is as good as anything else for the 
time being - we can render the original date in question:

   tera' jar jav, jaj wejDIch, DIS cha'-pagh-pagh-cha'
   June 3rd, 2002

"Earth month six, third day, year two-zero-zero-two"

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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