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RE: tlhargh ????

> Troop #102 Proudly recognizes J*** M****** For attaining the rank
> of Eagle. June 3rd, 2002
> cha'SaD Cha' jar javlogh wejlogh toQ patlh  Soqta'mo' J***
> M****** lughovtaH wey wa'vetlh cha' 'ej luHem
> Broken down into:
> cha'SaD Cha' jar javlogh wejlogh  Two Thousand and Two's Sixth month's
> Third Day (Obviously the months refer to Klingon Months but that's the
> closest I could get)

javlogh means "six times".
wejlogh means "three times".
I believe you're thinking of -DIch.
javDIch - sixth
wejDIch - third

What is /cha'SaD cha'/?  ... DIS.
Third what?  ... jaj

DIS cha'SaD cha'  jar jav  jaj wej, ...
Year 2002  month 6  day 3, ...

Yes, DIS and jar refer to klingon units of time measurement, but most people
don't have a problem with this.  Many (all?) of us use these terms for the
earth equivalent.

> toQ patlh  Soqta'mo'  Because he achieved Bird of Prey Rank

Soq - ?
Suq - "acquire, obtain, get

other choices:
baj - earn
chav - achieve

/Suq/ sounds more like "Oh hey, look what I found.  This would look nifty on
my uniform."

> J*** M*** lughovtaH wey wa'vetlh cha'  102 Unit Recognizes J*** M***

ghov - recognize

So before this they didn't know who he was?

recognize -
 - 1) to know again, to recall to mind, to authenticate, identify.
 - 2) to acknowledge and show appreciation.

I believe the klingon /ghov/ is only the first definition.

quvmoH - honor
naD - commend

/vatlh/ is the hundred forming element, not /vetlh/.

prefix lu-, they to him.  /wey/ is grammaticly singular; a single unit.
It to him - no prefix.

> 'ej luHem  and are proud of him.

Hem - "be proud".  Not "be proud of".
"they be proud him"

ghaHmo' Hem - "Because of him, they are proud."

> <'ame'rIqa> tlharghloDHom  Boyscouts of America... I know this ones
> on very shaky ground as I've used tlhargh, compounded it with loDHom

Very shaky.  But I can't think of anything good either.

> and included a transliteration for America...

I have no problem with this; after all, what's "sushi"?

And of course hopefully /tlhargh/ is "scout".

DloraH, BG

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