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RE: Terran dates

>    tera' jar jav, jaj wejDIch, DIS cha'-pagh-pagh-cha'
>    June 3rd, 2002
> "Earth month six, third day, year two-zero-zero-two"

I did it year-month-day to maintain the noun-noun structure.

In english I always go dd-MMM-yy.  I never understood why people go month (a 
general area of measurement)- day (the specific unit of meaasurement)-year 
(back to a large unit of measurement).

I think the cha'-pagh-pagh-cha' (individual digits) is just to give 
the "stardate" feel for those Trekkies out there.

But as you said, we don't know for sure how it's done on Qo'noS.


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