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qep'a' jeSwI'pu'

nuqDaq chaHtaH qep'a' jeSwI'pu''e' jay'?!
qep'a' tetlhDaq  'utlh law' lutu'be'lu'.  qatlh?
SuSuvchuqtaH 'e' yImev 'ej qep'a' yImuv.
cha' jar pIq  qaS qep'a'.
novpu'vaD jIjatlh /qep'a' yIghoS.  tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' lutu'lu'/.
muvbe'chugh KLI jeSwI'pu', muvqangbe' nov; ngIb 'oH qep'a' 'e' luQub.

Where are the %&#$ qep'a' participants?!
There are not many grammarians on the qep'a' list.  Why?
Stop fighting and join the qep'a'.
qep'a' is two months from now.
I've been telling people outside of the KLI to go to the qep'a', there will
be other klingon speakers there.
If the KLI participants don't join qep'a', the outsiders won't be willing to
join; they'll think the qep'a' must be lame.

DloraH, BG

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