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RE: 'ej tugh qaS "Marcon" ( was tugh "Balticon" vISuch)

> > vaj chen *orc*pu', 'a ngoDna' 'oHbe'.
> HIja', ngoDna' 'oH.
> > le'be' Bill, Tom, William je.
> le Bill, Tom, William je. HIja', *Troll*mey chenmoH *Morgoth*.

Since he didn't ask any yes/no questions, I would take these HIja' as "tell
me".  HIja'/"yes" is "yes" to a yes/no question.

For the other ways that we use "yes" in english consider:
lugh - correct
qar - accurate
lu' - yes, ok
Qochbe' - agree
teH - true

DloraH, BG

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