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RE: qep'a' jeSwI'pu'

qep'a' vIghoS 'ach Huch vIghajbe'. :(
jIHvaD Huch DangeHchugh qep'a' vIghoS. ;)
qep'a' vIghoS 'e' vItul 'ach DaH yaH vIghajbe'.
tugh yaH vItu' 'e' vItul 'ej vaj Huch vIpollaH.
DISvam *T-shirt* vISuqlaH neH.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: DloraH []
> Sent: Thursday, May 23, 2002 11:09 PM
> To: tlhingan-hol
> Subject: qep'a' jeSwI'pu'
> nuqDaq chaHtaH qep'a' jeSwI'pu''e' jay'?!
> qep'a' tetlhDaq  'utlh law' lutu'be'lu'.  qatlh?
> SuSuvchuqtaH 'e' yImev 'ej qep'a' yImuv.
> cha' jar pIq  qaS qep'a'.
> novpu'vaD jIjatlh /qep'a' yIghoS.  tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' lutu'lu'/.
> muvbe'chugh KLI jeSwI'pu', muvqangbe' nov; ngIb 'oH qep'a' 'e' luQub.
> Where are the %&#$ qep'a' participants?!
> There are not many grammarians on the qep'a' list.  Why?
> Stop fighting and join the qep'a'.
> qep'a' is two months from now.
> I've been telling people outside of the KLI to go to the qep'a', there
> will
> be other klingon speakers there.
> If the KLI participants don't join qep'a', the outsiders won't be
> to
> join; they'll think the qep'a' must be lame.
> !!
> DloraH, BG

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